September will be great

So TV is starting in September. Not sure what the first series I’m going to do a deep-dive on, but it’ll be… something finite. Cable or streaming or British. We’ll see how it goes. Schedule-wise, for TV, I’m thinking one TV post a week to start. Then more once I get a feel for it. Or maybe not more if it doesn’t feel right. We’ll see.

At the same time, there will be more regular Comics Fondle posts. I’m not waiting until September for the next Punisher arc, but there will be a Punisher arc next month with the new schedule. It’s currently looking like–Stop Button, VR or CF, Stop Button, whatever wasn’t the previous, Stop Button, and so on. Visual Reflux posts will either be a TV post or just some blathering like this post. Stop Button gets the most posts because it gets the most readers. I think it’d be even more accurate to say it gets readers. VR and CF are read. They do not have much in the way of regular readership, however. The whole idea of creating a centralized posting site instead of changing The Stop Button into that centralized posting site was a mistake. But I’m not running to change up Stop Button. My self-hosted WordPress experiment was miserable. I got nothing out of it except Google Analytics telling me no one was coming to the site. It would’ve been a fine idea for 2007 or 2008. But not even 2009, as CF was one relaunch too many of comics blogging after I split the comics from the movies on Stop Button because I couldn’t get it to work right on WordPress. And doing both side-by-side crashed Sandvox a lot.

Punisher will start either at the end of this week or the beginning of next. I’ve got a couple comics to read before I get to it and I’m also reading Feminista Jones’s Reclaiming Our Space and not putting it on a shelf this time. I was doing a lot better on reading in January 2019 than any other time this year. Meanwhile there’s a lot of Stop Button posts this month—I know because I’ve got three in the queue and I never have many in the queue anymore. Six blogathon posts in August, then five more the first week of September. The new Stop Button scheduling officially takes over after those September posts. So eight more movies between now and September 8. Not a lot of time for comics or TV, unfortunately. At least not TV I’m then going to write at length about. I didn’t end up writing about “The Boys” after the first couple episodes. I don’t have an “Elementary” post I don’t think. Maybe I’ll feel differently after I see the last episode.

But there was also the plan for how I was going to do the “focused” posts for TV: watching the season through (hence shorter seasons), then go through episode-by-episode to post. I’m not sure if it’ll work. Maybe the better thing would be brief posts and build up once I get used to writing about TV.

I’m sure I’ll figure it out by September.

“Mindhunter” starts in a couple days. Maybe I should try to work with that.


The Boys S01E01-E02

“The Boys” is better than it ought to be. It’s so good you almost wonder if they’d done Watchmen as an HBO series ten years ago instead of the movie… (and without Snyder)… who knows. Maybe.

Anyway, “The Boys.” It’s been a long time since my readthrough, but it’s sticking pretty close. And it’s well-executed enough I’m almost wondering if “Preacher” might be worth a look. Or I’ve hit my head too many times recently.

I didn’t watch any of the trailers, I didn’t pay attention after the first promo picture (aping the first trade cover) appeared and it looks poorly Photoshopped. But then I got thinking maybe they’ll actually do some kind of commentary on the modern superhero movie, something Snyder swore Watchmen was going to do but he was lying like Paul W.S. Anderson lied about the far superior Alien vs. Predator extended version (I mean, AVP is fine, don’t @ me). The show’s not that modern commentary. It’s way too close to the original series. Lots of scenes straight from the source Ennis, lots of “panels” straight from the source Robertson. The show feels like an homage to the comic, which is something considering it’s 2019.

Good acting from Jack Quaid (who looks more like a young Michael Shannon clone than either of his parents), Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty, and Elisabeth Shue. Shue’s the Mrs. Big bad guy. I didn’t expect to be particularly impressed Moriarty as the good girl amateur superhero who grows up to discover actual superheroes are scum. Her training montage and the modified origin story raised flags—she’s got an overbearing stage mom (Ann Cusack), who I don’t remember from the original comic and she doesn’t have the Christian Teen Titans background. But she’s strong by the second episode.

So’s Starr. Quaid’s not very Wee Hughie in his performance, but he’s all right. Shue’s a good Mrs. Big.

Notice I didn’t include Karl Urban in my list of good performances because he’s not actually good. I like watching him do the part and he can handle the physicality and the performance is just starting to get interesting but his English accent is Australian.

Urban’s not even Australian; he’s a New Zealander. But his fake English accent isn’t.

His story really seems to be deviating from the source, which is expected. Be interesting to see where it goes.

Good production values, decent effects; the fake Panavision aspect ratio isn’t bad. It isn’t great. But it also isn’t bad.

So two in… on with “The Boys.”