I’m not sure if I’ve written at length about; I might have over at Summing Up before. But I don’t have any tags or categories for the majority of the older posts and… I’m not doing a deep dive to find it.

Basically, I was waiting for to launch (knowing about it because of the excellent Core Intuition podcast) and got tired of waiting so I launched Summing Up. I stopped doing Summing Up because 2016 election basically. It took a while to kill my blogging (inauguration put the real nail in it) and, even though I had a I didn’t use it).

A year after deciding wasn’t for me, I’ve decided to start using it as a Twitter posting client for ramblings. Because it turns out I don’t fit in at, social network-speaking, which is fine. Core Intuition doesn’t do a Patreon so a fiver a month plus using MarsEdit via SetApp in addition to owning MarsEdit because it’s awesome gets to be my support.

What’s interesting is how much response I get on Twitter to my posts. More than when I just tweet. Maybe it’s something about how I conceive of tweets vs. posts. Though doesn’t have posting photos into the post yet, which is one of my favorite web ux things.

I can’t help but note I still haven’t gotten around to any TV content for Visual Reflux. It’s going to happen. It’s imminent. Once I read the second Punks Not Dead arc, TV (well, streaming) is happening. This post is because I just noticed yesterday how I got zero interaction on but a bunch for the same posts on Twitter. I have a solid Twitter. A cultivated Twitter. Especially mutuals. Even if many folks have left because it’s a shitshow.

I’m hesitant to give myself a TV schedule for VR just because it’s all new. But maybe I will. When I get closer to it making sense. I’ve got to do things like sign up for Hulu and install the app and so on. Headphones. Need to find my headphones. TV watching on lunch breaks makes sense but I’ve got zero experience with it these days. It’s been almost fifteen years since I first did it, with “Battlestar.” It’s possible I blogged about “Battlestar” back then. Who knows.


Tomorrow’s Weather

If all goes as planned—yeah, sorry, it’s late and I’ve got nothing but another writing post today—but if all goes as planned, tomorrow I’ll have… well, some updates. Some news of future projects. Imminent future projects in some cases. But I’ve got to get through the morning’s writing tomorrow, which is daunting. I’m so nervous about it I actually downloaded the OmniOutliner demo—full-featured for two weeks, I believe (more than enough time)—to take notes earlier. It’s a concerning amount of seriousness. I don’t remember the last time I outlined anything.

Though, to be fair, it’s not exactly outlining and more like a forecast and structure of topics. We’ll see how it works tomorrow. I can get out of one of the “assignments,” I can’t get out of the other.

Earlier today, I was listening to Core Intuition, a podcast I like quite a bit, and one of the hosts was talking about how what’s special about blogging is no one has the exact same take or the exact same audience. A history professor once said something similar. Not about me, but just in general. And there’s this whole thing with creative writing where the experience you’re counting in your… ground situation as a writer includes things you’ve read. And obviously things you’ve seen, things you’ve heard, whatever. Our takes are our own. Even if they’re just bad takes ripping off someone else’s bad takes, the act of making that take in your individual context makes it unique. And a piece of shit if you voted for Trump.

But hearing that sentiment on Core Intuition didn’t really do anything for me. It didn’t make me feel any better about tomorrow’s Stop Button post, Michael vs. Jason: Evil Emerges, which is a no-budget fan crossover between Halloween and Friday the 13th. It’s not a slick production like most of the other fan films I’ve written about. I spent a lot of time thinking about posting about it, even considering just trimming the draft and posting it here in the “Link” category. But then I read it again and thought, nah. Up it’ll go. Why not. I’ve got some really shitty short films on there and, while M v. J isn’t great and you can miss most of it, it does have a really well-executed fight scene. Wrasslin’. Because why not.

The most important thing for tomorrow’s writing—sunlight. Well, sunlight and not getting too nauseous after too much coffee. But sunlight’s important too. It’s got to be just the right amount, which is all going to depend on the weather.

Partly cloudy.

I think I can make partly cloudy work.

I’ve got a handful more of these intense writing projects coming up—as opposed to the norm, which is writing something like 2,500 words every Friday—these other projects… well… I’m going to edit them. Like draft and edit. Probably print them out and make notes. I’m taking them seriously. So maybe it’s good to never get too comfortable with them.