The Visual Reflux Podcast! Season 1? Episode 1!

The whole reason for Visual Reflux–before I decided to do a daily writing (albeit one I’m very behind on)–was because we were doing a new podcast! Here is that podcast! Lots of MCU talk, lots of comic talk, lots of Netflix talk, some other stuff talk.

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They probably hunt elephants or something :/

New Podcast: Cop Out, Or: Prelude to Podcasting, Or: Summing Up S01E01

So, we’re recording the first episode of Visual Reflux: The Podcast tomorrow. Tres exciting. Unintentionally, it led to me realizing it’d be really easy to meet my “post-a-day” quota for Visual Reflux: The Blog if I could somehow count a micro-cast. Seven hours later because it’s 2019, the first episode of Summing Up: The Podcast. Eight minutes about nothing, but actually thoughtfully conceived.

I’m looking at it all as a process exploration. The idea of multiple iterative exclusive drafts, which is more work than I put into Stop Button posts after all.

Like I said, it’s eight minutes. Who knows if this micro-casting thing is going to be a thing.

My favvorite podcast

Godless Bitches is my favorite podcast. The hosts are all atheist women, with the show’s emphasis on social justice. Whenever anyone asks me what my favorite podcast is, when I’m at work anyway, I say something about how the Theranos episode of Rocket is the best podcast episode ever. It’s a deflection, because even though Godless Bitches tried to rebrand as GB 2.0, everything still says Godless Bitches and even if it did say GB 2.0, Geebeetwopointoh doesn’t exactly flow through the mind or off the tongue.


Even though I just thought of someone to whom I could recommend the podcast, when I’m observing professional decorum, I’m not going near Godless or Bitches. Not being a white dude. I’m all for normalizing atheism and whatnot but no.

The show has three good hosts, Tracie Harris, Jen Peeples, and Clare Wuellner. They don’t spotlight steal, they give each other time. With Harris, it’s often these phenomenal monologues. Despite her recommending The Witch a little too gratuitously (wait, sorry, The VVitch), Harris is one of my favorite… not pundits, not personalities, maybe… intellectuals 2.0? Something. In addition to her monologue this episode, she’s got some fantastic observations later on.

The monologue’s all about how the portrayal of something doesn’t mean something is actually like how it’s portrayed. Specifically working women in the sixties and seventies being sex objects who type in the office, encouraging the male attention. I got a little twinge of possible “WKRP” guilt, though—obviously—they were trying to confront the misogyny and sexism in the workplace.

But that portrayal thing also has a lot to do with how marginalized people are shown in… well, any kind of media. For example, non-fiction movies can be edited to be racist or sexist. Harris brings up realities and reach of patriarchal censoring. It’s a lot and it’s great.

The rest of the episode is great too, but that monologue just gets the brain equally engaged and enraged.

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