Tomorrow’s Weather

If all goes as planned—yeah, sorry, it’s late and I’ve got nothing but another writing post today—but if all goes as planned, tomorrow I’ll have… well, some updates. Some news of future projects. Imminent future projects in some cases. But I’ve got to get through the morning’s writing tomorrow, which is daunting. I’m so nervous about it I actually downloaded the OmniOutliner demo—full-featured for two weeks, I believe (more than enough time)—to take notes earlier. It’s a concerning amount of seriousness. I don’t remember the last time I outlined anything.

Though, to be fair, it’s not exactly outlining and more like a forecast and structure of topics. We’ll see how it works tomorrow. I can get out of one of the “assignments,” I can’t get out of the other.

Earlier today, I was listening to Core Intuition, a podcast I like quite a bit, and one of the hosts was talking about how what’s special about blogging is no one has the exact same take or the exact same audience. A history professor once said something similar. Not about me, but just in general. And there’s this whole thing with creative writing where the experience you’re counting in your… ground situation as a writer includes things you’ve read. And obviously things you’ve seen, things you’ve heard, whatever. Our takes are our own. Even if they’re just bad takes ripping off someone else’s bad takes, the act of making that take in your individual context makes it unique. And a piece of shit if you voted for Trump.

But hearing that sentiment on Core Intuition didn’t really do anything for me. It didn’t make me feel any better about tomorrow’s Stop Button post, Michael vs. Jason: Evil Emerges, which is a no-budget fan crossover between Halloween and Friday the 13th. It’s not a slick production like most of the other fan films I’ve written about. I spent a lot of time thinking about posting about it, even considering just trimming the draft and posting it here in the “Link” category. But then I read it again and thought, nah. Up it’ll go. Why not. I’ve got some really shitty short films on there and, while M v. J isn’t great and you can miss most of it, it does have a really well-executed fight scene. Wrasslin’. Because why not.

The most important thing for tomorrow’s writing—sunlight. Well, sunlight and not getting too nauseous after too much coffee. But sunlight’s important too. It’s got to be just the right amount, which is all going to depend on the weather.

Partly cloudy.

I think I can make partly cloudy work.

I’ve got a handful more of these intense writing projects coming up—as opposed to the norm, which is writing something like 2,500 words every Friday—these other projects… well… I’m going to edit them. Like draft and edit. Probably print them out and make notes. I’m taking them seriously. So maybe it’s good to never get too comfortable with them.

Coming soon

I’m probably going to start writing about music on Visual Reflux, but not any time soon. I haven’t even gotten around to the TV yet. I’ve just started the first focused comic responses post-L&R. I’m taking my time on VR. I’m still not sure I like that abbreviation either. But long before must I want to start writing about podcasts, if only because when someone asks if I have a favorite podcast, I’ve got two possible answers. One is if I don’t want to have an atheism talk, the other is “Rocket”. The former is “Godless Bitches”, which has sort of rebranded itself as “GB 2.0” but not really. “Godless Bitches” has, since we’ve started listening to it, become more about social justice and equity and checking privilege than atheism. It’s really good. There have been a couple phenomenal episodes, including last weekend’s. Certainly not the white male atheism you get everywhere else. Free speech absolutist nonsense and whatever.

“Rocket” had a spectacular episode too recently, one of those, holy shit look what a podcast can do type thing.

Hopefully I’ll link to the episodes, but can’t right now because iPad Air typing.

So I do want to write about podcasts, even though the site tag line is “All things seen,” which isn’t a Thin Red Line misquote but is a TRL misquote. I worry it’s a little ableist. I don’t have someone to check with about me being ableist. I have one friend who has to check me on various things, usually when I’m making a cheap joke. Cheap I’m good with, offensive not.

And usually I know when I’m being offensive. Like. I do know better. I just like the turn of phrase or something and need someone to metaphorically smack me upside the head.

Another thing I want to do on Reflux (which just sounds weird) is the multi-topic blog post, which everyone used to do back in the olden blogging days. For example, I wanted to write about the plans for the e-zines going forward. I even have a cover for the relaunched series, which is going to be out of VR as opposed to Stop Button. But I don’t know how to attach a photo in Ulysses and have it post.

Tomorrow I’ve got a big post for Stop Button. Nothing good. Something absurdly bad, but it’s still a much different kind of post than usual.

I wonder if I could get the iPad keyboard to be tolerable in bed. I’m nearly tired enough to do some stream of consciousness passing out writing exercises, which was an MFA program favorite.

Instead though, I think bed. Because old. And nice new Casper sheets.

Coming soon
Coming soon

Mirrors Mirrored

Today I decided to also fold Summing Up into Visual Reflux. Until today, it hadn’t really occurred to me. One about the seven to ten blogs I’ve started after starting The Stop Button in 2004? I didn’t name the most successful one. Comics Fondle . I didn’t name it. I didn’t name Visual Reflux. I collaborated on the Visual Reflux name but the idea wasn’t mine. Only Stop Button, Summing Up, and Televisual Feast were my names. And that carried over, initially, to how possessive I was going to be of Visual Reflux. However, after going back and forth on where to host the site, on how to host the site, on how to get SSL to work, and now how to get the RSS feed secure enough, I’ve gotten possessive of Visual Reflux.

And so into the fold goes Summing Up. Leaving The Stop Button and my The Stop Button will not be a direct mirror on Visual Reflux. I’m not sure today what kind of mirror it will be. It might be the best movies I watch, might be the contemporary movies, might be recently released on home video movies, might just be a post I enjoyed writing, probably be some kind of combination of those categories. Though it was hard to talk about Captain Marvel, which I posted on Reflux early. It’s gotten hard to talk about the Marvel movies if only because the concept of soulless franchise movies succeeding is very strange. Thanks, Disney, I guess.

Depending on how the cross-posting works, I may litter the Internet over on Televisual Feast. Comics Fondle will have cross-posting for the foreseeable future. It makes the most sense for what I’m doing right now… Conglomerating. Now I just need to figure out what my word count targets for Reflux.

I think, as far as movie posts go, I’ll be only doing positive cross-posts. I’ve been thinking about maybe doing “flashback” posts to old movie posts, but moving all the sites’ histories over opens a can of worms best left closed. Every time I’ve done an archive or a post collection, I’ve gone through those first year or so posts of Stop Button when it was on jablog and it just doesn’t fit with what comes afterwards. While Visual Reflux isn’t going to be so worried about “fitting,” it is going to be my 2019 writing project. Principally.

Now I have the RSS feed working, anyway.