Umm. So they’re not hooking up? Worse, are they?

If you’ve ever read Swamp Thing (not “New 52” Swamp Thing I don’t think but maybe), Abby and Alec hook up. A lot. They even hooked up in the movie.

But this teaser for the new show with vines covering Abby’s mouth and eyes?

I mean. Is this a Fifty Shades of Grey thing or… is “Swamp Thing” going to fail to deliver the entire reason the comic’s great? Of course it is.

ENTER ABBY ARCANE. Via: @CrystalmReed #swampthing #dcuswampthing #dcuniverse @dcuswampthing @thedcuniverse?

2 thoughts on “Umm. So they’re not hooking up? Worse, are they?”

  1. Gosh, I feel so old fashioned. I remember in Alan Moores day they consummated their love by having her eat a piece of his vegetation (fruit?) that gave her the ability to perceive the world as he does. Ah, the good old days…

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