Artist find: Gigi Cavenago

I found Cavenago thanks to a tweet of this old Ripley piece.

ELLEN RIPLEY by Gigi Cavenago

His blog, linked above, is out of date. But he’s got a current Deviant Art gallery going with some great pieces. Looks like he illustrated Dylan Dog covers, wherever Dylan Dog is a popular comic. Europe?

He’s got a wonderful sense of movement.

Also… is Groucho Marx a character in Dylan Dog?

3 thoughts on “Artist find: Gigi Cavenago”

  1. Dark Horse did translated reprints of Italian published black and white noir/crime comics a while back (20 yrs?) . Dylan Dog had a couple of translated volumes I believe. I think they did some Risso stuff too, long before he was discovered by DC

  2. I can also see what an influence he is toward local Chicago artist Mitch O Conner(?) Connell(?) too! Nice swipes Mitch!

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